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Halo 2 HUD for Halo CE by p0lar-bear Halo 2 HUD for Halo CE by p0lar-bear

This archive contains a set of tags that will change the default Halo Heads-Up Display (HUD) into a replica of Halo 2's SPARTAN-II HUD. These tags will only work with the Halo: Custom Edition game, and are not indended for Halo XBox, Halo PC, or Halo 2 (which would be rather pointless). Please note that this will only affect maps YOU create; the HUD on existing maps will remain unchanged.

This HUD is OPEN SOURCE. I have included my source image files so you may freely modify and learn from them. The .TIF files are files ready to be compiled by Tool into .bitmap tags, and the .PNG files are Macromedia Fireworks files. I have also included a .PSD file that makes making new weapon icons easier.


  • Halo 2 HUD Replica; tagged to not interfere with the stock tagset.
  • Customized HUD item message strings.
  • Flag cloth physics are less elastic; flag doesn't stretch out as far when moving quickly.
  • New font for player list, game rules, and postgame carnage report.
  • Flag makes pickup sound like in Halo 2.
  • HUD counts flamethrower canisters instead of fuel units; to match this, the flamethrower wastes whatever rounds are left in the canister when reloaded. To counteract this, you may now carry 10 fuel canisters instead of 8.
  • Flag and oddball removed from cheat weapon spawn.
  • New scope zoom for the sniper.

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